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So the famous day has come yet again and I have to admit - I have never actually worked with a project that should perform for Black Friday sales. I was told that it was a big thing with a lot of money in play - but personally I'm not a huge fan of all this spending. Non the less, lets start this small story of bad vibes, great visions, bad start and a great ending.

So this project contains of one application that can be installed with two different modes. A client mode that reads different matrics, and a server mode that is a selfhosted web service receiving all the metrics a client-mode application have gathered. All this data is then persisted into a storage, in this case I choose ElasticSearch. To make all this visual, I choose to use Grafana. The reason

This is just gonna be a short article that describes a pretty hectic part of my year, where I worked primary with a customer that needed a way to make their users able to see standard data, and later on interact with it.