Estimation Tool v1.0

So what is one of the hardest problems regarding software projects? There might be a lot of different answers to that question, but here is my take on it.

And yes, it is colored of my disapproval of using tools to solving problems they were not tended to solve.

Must read books

During the last couple of years i managed to read a few books that i actually found interesting - both professionally and personally.

Try them out and see if they can't change your point of views.

Black Friday 2019

So the famous day has come yet again and I have to admit - I have never actually worked with a project that should perform for Black Friday sales. I was told that it was a big thing with a lot of money in play - but personally I'm not a huge fan of all this spending. Non the less, lets start this small story of bad vibes, great visions, bad start and a great ending.


So this project contains of one application that can be installed with two different modes. A client mode that reads different matrics, and a server mode that is a selfhosted web service receiving all the metrics a client-mode application have gathered. All this data is then persisted into a storage, in this case I choose ElasticSearch. To make all this visual, I choose to use Grafana. The reason for this was that it contained user management and alerting, without having to do scripts (the end user is not tended to be a programmer).

If you watch the PDF version, i apologies about the indentations. You can find the configuration files and examples on my git hub account:

The self service portal

This is just gonna be a short article that describes a pretty hectic part of my year, where I worked primary with a customer that needed a way to make their users able to see standard data, and later on interact with it.

Preparation for festivals

Spoiler alert, this is not a text regarding how much beer and how many bags of chips you should buy if you are going to a music festival. This is more a collection of observations and stories regarding the technical preparations that happens to make a musical festival a reality.

Outlook integration to Regtime

This document contains a description for the small program that makes it possible to synch you time registrations from a calendar in Outlook 365 to Regtime

Life as a developer

This is a very small article about my life (oh yeah, this is about my life) as a developer during the last couple of years, through different titles I have possessed and projects I have been a part of up till now. But do not be fooled, it will not be a diary but rather a recap on what great things I have experienced that have affected me during that time. The result of this article should be answers to questions like: what is a developer, what can help a developer stay on track, what elements in a company is important for a developer, what should you avoid and what cant you avoid.

Developers guide for an easy day

A lot of things can be done to make a developers life easier, and make him focus on the one thing he needs to do. Develop software!. This is a short description of some of the things you can do to make your fellow developers life easier on a daily basis.

Dealing with slow data-providers

I have never said that I were good at making titles, and this one is no different - it is not sexy at all. But never the less I think it could be interesting to write about the experiences I had when I developed a small part of a self service portal, that included integration towards a slow data provider.

Controllable API

This document describes an idea that makes it possible to define a API-key that can be limited in a way so each key can only call a limited amount of API methods. Likewise, due to the GDPR, I wanted to make it possible to limit the amount of fields returned to each of the API keys for a specific type of object. That way one can document what kind of data is returned to each of the keys.